Live Stream Services

Thank you for entrusting the services of your loved one to O.H. Pye III Funeral Home.

Currently there are 4 YouTube channels that are active for O.H.Pye III Funeral Home. The channel names are O.H. Pye III Ch 2, O.H. Pye III Ch 4, O.H. Pye III Ch 5, or O.H. Pye III Ch 6. The channels may be used interchangeably based on scheduling.

Visit the Channels using these links (open in new tab):

*Streams can take from 2-5 minutes before becoming searchable on YouTube*

**Occasionally the LiveStream may have dropouts and buffering issues. Please be patient to see if the stream becomes “fluid” again. If the dropouts persist, the stream may be cut off and restarting under a different LiveStream video (same channel). This new video will still be searchable by name**

While we strive to provide the best streaming experience for our families and viewers, the internet itself may fail.
On these occasions, the viewing/service will be recorded and uploaded at a later date.