Coronavirus Notice

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Taking Steps to Protect the Public and Employees

Pye Funeral Home outlines steps to fight the Corona Virus”

December 14, 2020. Detroit, Michigan: – Following several announcements from the state and Governor Gretchen Whitmer and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) to help slow down the transmission of COVID-19, we are doing our part as a funeral home to protect the public and our employees.

The funeral home will be open with the following precautions and commitments, this is in effect until April 5 at 5:00 p.m.:

  1. The funeral home has been sanitized by our in-house cleaning staff and normal cleaning procedures will be enforced after public viewings and funeral services. It is the practice of O.H. Pye III Funeral Home to clean after each viewing and service at the facility.
  2. Families will have options to consider which will include staggered viewing times of their loved ones, not to exceed 25 persons in one gathering space or room inside the funeral home. We are working on ways to live stream the funeral services and we will encourage families to limit services to immediate family members, create guest lists, and issue invitations.
  3. We will extend the hours of viewing time from 4pm to 8pm to 9am to 8pm to ensure there are opportunities to see a loved one throughout the day. However, note that though these are longer hours, the time staggering will see a break being taken between viewing hours.
  4. During all funeral services:
    1. Signage will be posted stating “By Executive Order of the Governor to Protect Public Health and Safety, services must be limited to 25 people”. We will also request those exhibiting cold or flu symptoms to please refrain from attending services out of concern for the health and safety of others.
    2. We will practice social distancing by seating mourners at least six feet apart
    3. We will limit access points to services to accurately count those entering
    4. We will place hand sanitizer at various stations during services
    5. We will make an announcement at the outset of services to practice proper infection control precautions during the service
  5. Employees will not comfort families as we customarily do by embracing them with hugs and hand holding but instead each employee will use their words to continue to comfort the family. We maintain the Governor’s and MDHHS social distancing recommendations to protect everyone. All employees are instructed to routinely wash their hands for 20 seconds, especially after dealing with families, and we are taking precautions to check in with our vulnerable employees over age 60 and any employees that are pregnant or have compromised immune systems. If any employees are sick and come to work, they will be sent home.
  6. Pye maintains universal precautions relative to the deceased remains, meaning we are always on alert when moving the remains into our facilities and treat each case the same relative to any toxic exposure that may be harmful.

“We are certainly being prepared and cautious for the times that we are in and realize that our first priority is the safety of the public and our employees inside the funeral home. We understand that while we implement these strategies we have to maintain being as sensitive as possible, as burying your loved one is already stressful on top of the Corona Virus,” said Ozie Pye IV, Executive Director and Owner of Pye Funeral Home.

Pye Funeral Home prides itself on being one of the best to carry out funeral arrangements for those who have passed on. For more information or updates on what’s happening at the funeral home in the wake of COVID-19, please contact them at 313.838.9770.